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As MarcJacobs curtain call for the louis vuitton 2014 spring and summer advertising, he assembled a six-time muse - Fan Bingbing, Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Gisele Bundchen, Edie Campbell , CarolinedeMaigret. In addition they put LouisVuitton 2014 spring and summer women’s collection, it also was the last time LV handbag interpretation of dark themes. Zhang Jing large StevenMeisel solemn tone, texture painting, as Marc Jacobs sent a memorial absolute heavyweight in louis vuitton design career.

First small series glad Bingbing to appear here, but the aesthetic sense of aliens really can not understand, ruin people’s Fan Bingbing at the perfect image, is it over-PS?

Sofia Coppola is still, interpretation of the classic logo louis vuitton bucket bag. louis vuitton bags outlet

Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve, elegant leather bucket bag with crocodile in fact, very ride!

Catherine Deneuve is a feather handbags interpretation.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen show style (hair), with LV bucket bag, Louis Vuitton for you to show the dark.

After previous cooperation, believe talented director Sofia Coppola (SofiaCoppola) of louis vuitton design series has gained that Bambi has let small Lianlianbuwang window.

French supermodel, interpretation of the rivets stitching bucket bag, exudes punk rock flavor!

British supermodel fashion circles fried chicken Edie Campbell, for LouisVuitton 2014 spring and summer women’s collection portrait of interpretation!

This is the third time as LouisVuitton MichelleWilliams brand ambassadors, but it is her first shot put series designed by NicolasGhesquièr endorsement blockbusters. Whether it is from the costumes, or from blockbusters style, the overall style is the new Louis Vuitton handbags and Lockit handbag Capucines very contrast LV bags outlet, creating a compact high fashion sense.

The new pale pink handbag Capucines elegant temperament, NicolasGhesquièr design clothing line has consistently used his clean lines, minimalist design with a handbag matched to Chang.

Pale pink handbag Capucines better highlight women’s gentle temperament.

Lockit handbag beige low-key atmosphere, more suitable for mature women.

Sky blue handbag with a beige dress Capucines become more prominent.

Nov 12 2013

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Why she did not know about it, is not there are any misunderstanding, or ……
tube Xiuwen strange to see her reaction, slowly explained: “Three days ago, firefly Princess and Queen went incense, votive, quell ‘Gokokuji’ the aftermath of this incident all the capital of the people know that we have some curious , louis vuitton handbags outlet  will these two bitter rivals go with incense it. ”
go completely astonished late, take a chill up, had fully understood the problem lies in where we are. Queen must be like hands, so will leave the capital and go along with firefly Princess incense, because only at that time, you can start with. All this,louis vuitton handbags outlet Che know all of it, so the housekeeper to conceal the truth, the daily reports are coaxed her. Serious problem is that since we know the Queen’s House Che’s intention, that the Queen would not be lose. Grew more and more serious, there must be two parties party will fail, and most likely is the Queen, since ancient times, the imperial power struggle loser is usually only one way …… think of this, in the final night heart is cold.
body slips stood up, sounds cold, loss of usual laid-back kind of touching: “They went for a few days? was three days ago to go?”
tube Xiuwen by her sudden movements scare one of the jump, hurriedly replied: “Yes, three days to go, is expected to be back tomorrow morning.” do not understand the return late suddenly pale reasons, but also smell out where the situation was serious taste.
not … go late one turn ran to the door, such a thing must not happen.
grabbed the hand of late return, tube Xiuwen also a little surprised to see his hand, just to catch up without thinking, not thought about how offensive this action, but we do so must not panic ran out to see her, he took Some have asked her anxiously: “how?”
was suddenly caught a slight pain in the arm, she suddenly awake a lot, so ask to hear teenager, she reminded herself not panic, be calm, things certainly there was hope. Evoke a touch of laughter, she told young: “Repair Man, you were called out to help me wagons, not Xiangfu, and do not disturb their housekeeper and I now want to go out.”
perhaps that sound Xiuwen, screamed his heart is slightly shocked, perhaps her eyes showing a trace of helplessness, so that he can no longer pursue further, see return late vaguely calm has been restored, he immediately ran to the door .
a quarter of an hour later, a galloping horse on the street in front from the Prime Minister’s passing, raised billowing dust bowl, with the sound of the wheels turning crazy to pull away.
carriage return Britain was very uncomfortable night, but she had to endure in one hand and shore up the cowl, the lower half of the body, she pondered, the Queen will by any means, she vaguely guessed, had heard long ago, the louis vuitton handbags outlet National the government has a number of powerful husband slain, this approach must be used halfway robbed it. In this case, you can put the responsibility turned down, to keep the country husband’s life, then the queen do? She also intends to how to do it? She had kept the determination to die … it …
heart up and down together with the bumpy car, owned by endless nights feel anxious, Lou Che promised myself spared the last queen, has been fulfilled. This time, he will not be lenient it.
good cold heart ah. Now how to do it? So have managed to prevent the queen? Did not anyone can do to help myself?
was so thinking, the carriage suddenly stopped, and my heart dark angry, Chen Sheng asked her groom: “in the end how it? Why did you stop?” She is now no longer delay time.
groom terrified voice: “To the north gate, are customs examination.”
so quickly to the gate do? Yi Liao curtain, she looked out the gates soldiers are eleven checks, turn eye looked, the city several people standing near the door, like generals look, enthusiastically discuss what I do not know. One … is Linrui En general.
that Raisin young general, the court first generals, is the only building in Chodo and Che contend person. I saw him go late heart jump, joy coming in, there is hope.
XIV edge of death
“wow, such a beautiful woman, I first saw ……” north of the city stood in awe in front of a soldier whispered, trying to look carefully, eye glance, see General Lin frosty eyes, while trembling, afraid to talk again.
soldiers are laughing next to, general layout work in the forest, when absent, still whispering, too timid. Registration is not seen this kid beauty, in this remote north gate, what beauty can emerge? Several soldiers have been accused soldiers look toward the direction looked stunning instantaneous exhaust sound issue together.
Linrui En heart quite unhappy to leave the battlefield soldiers are particularly vulnerable to idleness, and the capital of the soldiers is excessively loose, his face a positive, trying to rebuke them, and suddenly saw previously that the soldiers whispered behind his fingers toward the direction desperately referred to as, louis vuitton handbags outlet Linrui En puzzled, turned away, a figure reflected into the eyes of Painting, his heart throbbing slightly.

Nov 12 2013

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the willow vase, the free fiddle or two, go down the hearts of late boulder, half a month, and Queen talked since then, it has been brooding thing seems to be resolved, in the final night evoke mouth edge curvature, commanded housekeeper was going to step down, suddenly feel something is wrong, reflect on the character of Queen’s graceful, but said it will do, is the standard in a velvet glove, she said that I would kill Ying Fei, Could you give up now?
not, she must be waiting … waiting for the best time to think of this,Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Canada Online – 57% OFF! the Queen’s smile seems poignant weight was immediate, and does not feel his hands tightened strength, wicker crashed and broken, in the final night slips down , looking at the new fold willow, so fragile ah, eyebrow all at once, she turned: “husband sent Monitoring State House, an unusual movement told me.” extremely calm now give her one kind of faint Storm the feeling that she can not prepare for.
queen ah, you should never reckless ……
steward looked up in surprise, his face showing incredible expression, which is owned by his late first time to see the face of a peaceful mood swings, looked at him and asked: “how?”
butler bowed his head again, any expression are faded, pithily answered loudly: “Yes, I will send someone to monitor country husband house day and night.” strange ah, Xiangye commanded the morning, and his wife, now commanded exactly the same, do not know if I should say, you want to speak often, a switched, finally put words in your mouth.
noticed housekeeper to leave quietly, gazing at night just go down branches off the trees, hand picked, could not help but Nan said: “have been the spring, why so cold?”
larkspur as Bess, Chun Sang low foliage.
“When the king returned pregnant, is the concubine heartbroken when …” a chant crisp sound beeped, tactful melodious, with wind and clouds indifferent smile.
pen down, turned, she saw standing on the porch late return, the tube Xiuwen raised laugh, greeting: “Lady, how the West Wing come?”
see his innocent smile and sincere incomparable words, go late step into the West Wing of the study, Yin Yin laughter: “The future champion Lord how reciting Spring thinking of?” Every time I see the clear tube has a kind of moving Xiuwen feeling, she could not help but try to make him think that innocence in his body still exists.
has long been the “champion” word grind shamelessly, tube Xiuwen freely around desk, facing the normalization night and said: “Spring think this is good poetry, now coincides with the spring in March, a little Chujingshengqing nothing.”
vaguely felt his far-fetched explanation, Spring thinking woman waiting for her husband to return to write the thoughts of love, how can Chujingshengqing, bypassing the complex brain think, in the final evening do not think Xu, sitting in his study of the guest chair, Ceguo body, asking tube Xiuwen: “is the imperial examination for the next month, you may have prepared?”
“have all ready,” Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Canada Online – 57% OFF! smiled a little foolish shame, the tube Xiuwen modesty replied: “I hope to high school.” in front of this woman, he can speak out the true feelings, is not because she is changing His destiny relationship?
from the floor Che knew that he was the only champion, is not surprised smile does not change the normalization night: “I am asking you to enter officialdom ready yet?” sound so relaxed, like talking about homemade general.
tube Xiuwen Zheng Zhu, and sometimes hard-put, gazing watching return late, Kai lip replied: “I am ready to enter the officialdom, but I have yet to find something to guard.” sound gently with with regret and loneliness unknown emotions.
this boy and he is so similar, in the final night quickly turned this idea, there is no firm conviction, after the road will be more difficult and walked. Clear water, one day you will be dyed ink tank? Bit worried to look to the tube Xiuwen, go late to ask: “If one day you discover your feelings and imperial conflict, what would you choose Scotia What?” Do not know why, she asked him this question, that she did not answer problem, because the boy has no background, no political interests in by chance, he learned the truth about certain things, so she can ask him these words, there is no burden of having to worry about consequences.
heard, the tube remains Daileng Xiuwen, I do not know how to answer, saw three months ago, now remember, in addition to return late, no one else knows about it, this is a secret between the two of them, but also to change His fate keys, remember this shot several times in a dream, in the dark, the woman looked at him and asked him, are you willing to leave the troupe with me go? He must have possessed, do not know her identity, even in backlight, and even each other’s faces are not clear, he answered yes.
recall that time several things, Louis Vuitton Outlet was very puzzled, then why they would agree it is the fear of death do? This is just a small part of the reason it. In the end is what causes it …… he is still unaware. Really do not understand ……
smiling to see the return late for him to answer, he mind a move, do not regret that decision, let him re-election once if he was still so choose, if they can often facing such a smile, the heart must be, he replied : “I do not know how to choose.” two answers are not right, not wrong, this case, the value is not selected.
a little bit disappointed, go late, without a word, knowing that this question is so difficult to choose, she still want others to give her an answer, the answer at least give her inspiration for her to face the future more events. Jiggle two bowed, looked to one side, looking out the window, Qing Yin: “Spring did not know, what is going into the Luo curtain ……”
tube Xiuwen Wen Shi a throbbing, thinking this is the last two spring, late in his mouth read to go, actually took a somewhat distant and confused, what difficulties it is yet? Could not help but ask: “What is bothering Mrs. encountered yet?”

Nov 12 2013

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suddenly felt the sound of “Jon adults” half-hearted and full of irony, F. Che heart hesitated and did not realize what you do, have a night to go over building, owned by late surprised, dilating eyes, shocked to the previous Floor Che eyes. floor Che wrap cold hands go a bit late, Masahiko smile: “cold weather, you can also open the curtain, so that they do not give way on the line.” voice inside with a thin blame. out of his hand, in the final late Dan Xiao: “They are a maiden queen, Discount Louis Vuitton Handbags Clearance Sale From Louis Vuitton Outlet Online one firefly Princess relatives, how do I dare … how can you?” floor Che do not think Xu smile, hair dialed return late, the sound is still very gentle: “Why not?” discovered wearing Gongzhuang return late, brow wrinkled, “the cold, do not you cold? ” go away the evening light body, toward the inside the carriage by a reliable, no answer. floor Che silent half-rates, suddenly said: “Just south of the rare tribute of two polar Xuehu skin, the most warm winter, let me give you how to dress?” return late smiled: “Should not you give the Queen and Princess firefly?” floor Che complexion gentle smile diminished: “Queen of that piece is no longer necessary.” return late will be looked at Che floor, like the first time to see him like her husband looks Wenru Yu, it actually icy frost. Think of a person in the palace of the Queen’s sad scene, a sour heart, she asked: “Queen of the things that you do for you?” floor Che astonished, did not think the problem is normalized late straightforward mentioned, many people secretly think, dare to ask out, no. Reminds owned and Queen went fairly close last night, I suddenly understand a little bit today, she’s uncharacteristically: “return late, do not participate in politics, which involves a lot of relationships inside.” “Do you know the Queen is innocent,” return to late to say, “You know, in order to firefly Princess, you want to take this opportunity in addition to queen? how could you do this? For a woman, you have to destroy the temple do?” Sound Jangaard, mood a little bit unstable. “return late ……” House Che grabbed her arm, “You listen to me …” return late in silence, waiting for him coldly explained. Floor Che helpless smile, slowly: “This thing is not as simple as you think, it indirectly and Queen are related, also involves family back problems and Chodo distribution of power, you do not listen to the words of a queen.” heard, in the final night soothing face a lot of light asked: “Queen of the matter involved, what will happen?” Che ranging from floor to answer, she said: “Do not harm the queen okay? let her a way out, she was after all is the mother of the country, today’s large-Prince’s mother ah. ” normalized never seen such a large floating emotional night, this woman been so indifferent, but now exposed so wan natural tenderness, could not bear Funi her request, F. Che could not help but sigh, nodded his head, and answer it. heart of a wide normalized late, as long as floor Che promised, the problem should not be so serious. Exposed Yingying smile: “Jon adults, thank you.” they saw that smile, Lou Che laughed, as March spring. thirteen, chaotic evil omen day out the 2012 Spring, “Gokokuji” case was finally settled, so the case where no evidence, and finally only forgotten, but very popular with the queen have been implicated in the matter, after the emperor documented slash the country’s official husband Therefore Chodo talking about, on the contrary, firefly Princess’s maiden forces have been consolidated, and thus diminishing supply, the country has no longer husband government scenery as the old. “At least the imperial guards had withdrawn from Queen’s Palace, the latter bit is also saved, the other no longer a luxury.” slender Yu Zhi Gang folded under the willow shoots emerge, conspire nose and gently sniff, really belt There spring breath ah, Louis Vuitton Outlet owned by late Dan Xiao exposed comforting, down switchgrass, turn first asked: “Other things do not happen?” housekeeper head down, the sound is not rigid and downs, like endorsements like to report: “There is something else, and this half months is the most talked about outside ‘Gokokuji’ s case.” “pass out more, pass tired, it all right.” return late laughing, F. Che promised her something really done,Discount Louis Vuitton Handbags Clearance Sale From Louis Vuitton Outlet Online  the Queen’s position saved, harem no disarray. With the arrival of spring all are into good. Think of it, she felt a sense of vigor Punta hair. “Queen of it, you are going to react?” “No,” housekeeper calm and said: “there is no response, the harem has been business as usual.”